5 Creative Lawyer Pick Up Lines to Charm Your Crush

Creative Lawyer Pick Up Lines

Are you looking for a clever way to break the ice with your crush? Look no further! Here are five creative lawyer pick up lines guaranteed to spark conversation and make your special someone smile.

Is your name contempt? ‘Cuz you have me in contempt of court.

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Lawyer pick up lines don’t have to be cheesy, and this line is a perfect example. Referencing a specific legal concept helps show your crush your knowledge of the law and shows you’re willing to think outside the box when attempting to start a conversation. Get ready for an intriguing conversation now that you’ve made them curious about what you mean!

Again, lawyer pick up lines don’t necessarily have to be tawdry or awkward. A clever line like this one may pique your crush’s interest and get them thinking about the legal world in a manner that is both interesting and humorous. Feel free to riff off of this line if you manage to strike up a conversation by using it, as sharing knowledge about the law with someone new can make for an engaging conversation. Who knows, you might even be able to learn something new yourself!

Can I plead the fifth? ‘Cuz I find you quite attractive.

This clever pick up line references the fifth amendment of the United States Constitution, which prohibits people from self-incrimination and gives individuals a “right to remain silent.” So by stating this line, you’re giving your crush an opportunity to have a conversation with you without having to incriminate themselves and make their true feelings known. Use this pick up line as an ice breaker and show them you know the law while letting them off easy!

This pick up line has the perfect balance of legal concept and charm. It’s witty enough to make your object of affection smile, yet it’s subtle enough that it won’t be too overwhelming if they don’t respond in the way you expect them to. It could even create a powerful bond between two people because they both share an understanding of the law! Be sure to use this pick up line in a light-hearted manner, and you may just find some legal love!

Objection! You must have come from heaven for sure!

Show your crush that you’re not only smart and have a sense of humour, but are also confident with your legal knowledge by using this creative pickup line. By referring to the legal concept of an “objection” — which is a statement made during the legal process to challenge something — you can use this line as a playful way to suggest the love between you two is met without any dispute.

While this line may make your special someone laugh, it also shows them that you are analytical and can think on your feet. In court, objections are typically made with confidence and boldness — two traits which are attractive to most people. Who knows — your crush might find that legal scene from “My Cousin Vinny” (and you) irresistible! Use this lawyer pick up line as a way to get the ball rolling in your attempt to win over the heart of your special someone!

I think this case is a clear-cut verdict, guilty of stealing my heart!

Is your crush a fan of the legal system? Put your charm to the test and show them how much you care with this hilarious lawyer pick up line. Let them know that your love for them has been found guilty of stealing your heart – no objection, Your Honor!

What’s great about this pick up line is that it not only works on attorneys but can easily be adapted to any profession. Replace the word lawyer with doctor or accountant and you’ll still get an adorable little smile in return. This line is fun, creative and shows your crush that you put a lot of thought into it – even if it lasts only a few moments! In addition, joking around with a pick up line like this will break the tension and get your admirer eager to find out what else you have to add to the conversation!

Are You A Judge? Because you’ve been ruling in my favor all night!

This hilarious lawyer pick up line is sure to get a few chuckles out of your crush! Let them know that there’s no trial necessary – you’ve already found the verdict: their love for you is guilty as charged!

This classic lawyer joke/pick up line is sure to go over well, just make sure not to take it too seriously. With the right delivery and a cheeky smile, your crush will know you’re just having a little fun with them. Hopefully this pick up line will break the ice and give you the confidence to start flirting, whether in person or online. Who knows – maybe all it takes to win your crush’s heart is a little bit of legal humor!

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